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Moldovan – Norwegian relationships discussed in Chişinău

Moldovan – Norwegian relationships discussed in Chişinău
April 27th, Chişinău - The Norwegian relevant experience to the European path of the Republic of Moldova, but also the cooperation aspects between Moldova and Norway were discussed today at the meeting of State Secretary Daniela Morari with the ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, residing in Bucharest, Lise Nicoline Kleven Grevstad.

During the discussions, State Secretary Daniela Morari presented the developments related to the implementation of the provisions of the Republic of Moldova - European Union Association Agreement and the priorities of the reform agenda in the immediate future, especially in the fields where the expertise and the experience of Norway could be extended.

The practice of Norway in applying the European standards, while not being a full member of the European Union, reconfirms the European path as the best approach for the transformation and the modernisation of the country.

The interlocutors have also evaluated the level of implementation in the Republic of Moldova of the development projects supported by the Kingdom of Norway.