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Meeting with representatives of the civil society

Meeting with representatives of the civil society
On the 17th of February, within the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration took place a meeting with the civil society, dedicated to the European integration agenda of the Republic of Moldova. The meeting, led by the deputy minister Daniela Morari, focused on discussions on the progress report on the 2014-2016 National Action Plan for the implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement, the coordination mechanism and new elements comprised in the 2017-2019 National Action Plan on implementing the Moldova-EU Association Agreement.

Furthermore, the civil society was informed about the priorities of Moldova’s European Agenda for the current year, as well as preparations for the next EaP Summit, the meeting of the Moldova-EU Association Council, efforts to consolidate information and communication with civil society on the European integration dimension.
Representatives of the civil society thanked for the invitation to the meeting, expressing hope that this communication platform could be maintained on a permanent basis. The civil society has a high interest towards the provisions of the Association Agreement, as well as the way in which national authorities implement the assumed commitments.
In turn, Daniela Morari encouraged an active participation of the civil society in realizing the European agenda of the country, highlighting the importance of elaborating alternative impact studies and evaluations of the implementation of the Association Agreement.