Press releases

Meeting of Mr Valeriu Ostalep with Mr Miodrag Vukovici

On the 30th of October Mr Valeriu Ostalep, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, had a meeting with a delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro, headed by Mr. Miodrag Vukovic, President of the Committee for international relations and European integration. The visit of the Montenegran parliamentary delegation takes place two days after that of the President of Montenegro, Mr Filip Vujanović, to the Republic of Moldova.

In the framework of the meeting the sides expressed their satisfaction about the tight political links between the Republic of Moldova and Montenegro, the regional cooperation and the evolution of parliamentary relations.

In regard to the European integration efforts of both countries, there were highlighted the priorities of foreign policies and the existing similitudes. The Montenegran official informed about the steps followed by Montenegro in its goal to adhere to the EU, mentioning the tasks in this respect of the Government and the Parliament of his country. Mr Vukovic pleaded for an active exchange of experience between Moldova and Montenegro in order to streamline the process of the EU integration.

In the context of the priority objective of the Republic of Moldova to obtain the liberalization visa regime with the EU for Moldovan citizens, there was tackled the practice of Montenegro in this area, as well as the subject of visa regime facilitation between the Republic of Moldova and Montenegro.