Press releases

Republic of Moldova – European Union Cooperation Committee

On the 3rd of October 2008 the delegation of the Republic of Moldova led by Mr. Valeriu Ostalep, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration participated at the Ninth Meeting of the RM—EU Cooperation Committee, which took place in Bruxelles. The delegation of the RM included Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs, Justice, Economy and Commerce, Education and Youth, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and of the Secretariat of the National Commission for European Integration.

Within the meeting the recent evolutions of the priority subjects regarding the process of realization of the purpose of European integration and namely: political dialog and reforms, justice and internal affairs, social-economic development, trade, market and regulator reform, customs cooperation, transport, energy, informational society and environment, people to people contacts were discussed.

In regard to political cooperation with EU, the Moldavian delegation informed the European Commission about the present stage of the implementation of three major purposes of the EU-Moldova dialogue: activities undertaken by the RM after the RM—EU Cooperation Council (May 2008), preparation of the negotiations on the new document RM—EU, which will replace the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, launching on behalf of the RM of invitation to start pragmatic and constructive consultations about the conditions which have to be accomplished by the RM to enjoy a gradual liberalization of visa regime with EU. The European delegation pointed out the achievements in the majority of the development sectors.

In the domain of justice and internal affairs, representatives of the European Commission mentioned positive evolutions in the reformation of justice in the RM, inviting RM to consolidate the results related in the framework of the Justice and Internal Affairs Sub – Committee (the 24th of September 2008).

With regard to customs cooperation, RM was encouraged to continue cooperation with Ukraine on the new customs regime and EUBAM mission. In its turn the delegation of the RM underlined the Moldavian interest regarding the prolongation EUBAM mission’s mandate after it expiry in 2009.

In regard to trade, market and regulatory reform, the full use of opportunities generated by the comprehensive autonomous commercial preferences was welcomed. There were mentioned positive actions in the scope of improvement of the conditions for foreign investment as well as the continuation of implementation of the launched reforms. The European Commission also stressed the constructive cooperation in the civil aviation area and encouraged signing of the Working Arrangement with the European Aviation Safety Agency, implementation of which will be possible at the same time with the launch of the negotiations regarding European Common Aviation Area Agreement.

With regard to people to people contacts, the European part mentioned the RM participation within the programs ERASMUS – MUNDUS “External Cooperation Window” and TEMPUS III for the examination of possibility of growing of the human resources and capital. There were highly appreciated the reforms implemented during last years in the domain of the reorganization of high education of the Republic of Moldova according to the provisions of the Bologna Process.

The meeting of the Cooperation Committee was followed by the second round of informal consultations regarding the future legal Agreement. Within the discussions an exchange of opinions in regard to the basic elements that have to be considered by the European Commission in the process of finalization of the draft mandate for negotiations, took place.