Press releases

Meeting of Mr. Andrei Stratan – Mr Günther Krichbaum

On October 2nd 2008, Mr. Andrei Stratan, Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, had a meeting with the German delegation headed by Mr. Günther Krichbaum, President of the Commission for the European Affairs of Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany.

During the meeting have been approached several aspects of the cooperation between Moldova and European Union, in the context of which the German official has reiterated the support of Germany towards the efforts of the Republic of Moldova for integration in the EU and has mentioned the important role of the intense collaboration with the European community. The members of the delegation have mentioned the progresses in the implementation of the Action Plan RM—EU, underlining the necessity of continuing a number of institutional reforms, adjusting the legislation to the European standards, inclusive undertaking increased measures in combating corruption. Also, the German officials have pointed out, as being an important task for Moldova, performing certain reforms in the judicial system as well as involving foreign investors and using the allocated sources in the less developed areas.

The interlocutors have made an exchange of opinions on some actual subjects of international relations, mentioning the events in Caucasus and the Transnistrean conflict. At his turn, Mr. Andrei Stratan has reconfirmed the attachment of the Moldovan authorities to solve the Transnistrean conflict exclusively through peaceful ways, mentioning the necessity of beginning the negotiations in the “5+2” format, as to identify a final solution. The head of the Moldovan diplomacy has expressed his hope that all the implied parts will uphold the proposal to reunite in the proximate future in Vienna and that the negotiations will have constructive results.

At the end, Mr. Stratan has thanked the German representatives for the support given to the Republic of Moldova in its European aspirations, inclusive through adopting the Motion by Bundestag, and has reiterated the importance of consolidating the political Moldovan-German relations.