Press releases

Ms Eugenia Kistruga met with a Bulgarian parliamentary delegation

On the 30th of September, Ms Eugenia Kistruga, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration met a Bulgarian parliamentary delegation, lead by Mladen Petrov Tcherveniakov, Chairman of the Commission for European Affairs of the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria. Stating the excellent bilateral political relations between Moldova and Bulgaria, both parties agreed that there are a lot of unused opportunities for cooperation, especially in the economical dimension.

Throughout the discussions, in the context of our country’s aspirations toward European integration, the Bulgarian official declared the full support of Bulgaria for promoting Moldovan interests in the EU institutions. On this occasion, Mrs. Kistruga underlined the special interest that our country pays to the adoption of a new RM—EU legal framework, which would reflect the new realities and progresses made by the Republic of Moldova in the last few years and asked for Bulgaria’s assistance on the matter. There were also mentioned some other specific domains where the Bulgarian side could offer consultancy to the Republic of Moldova, ensuring that afterwards pertinent institutions from both states would agree on concrete forms and methods of assistance.

The President of the Bulgarian Parliamentary Commission also expressed its country’s full support to Republic of Moldova’s efforts of peacefully solve the consequences of the Transnistrian conflict within the negotiation format 5+2.