Press releases

The visit of the Deputy Minister Valeriu Ostalep to Italy

During his working visit to Italy, Mr Valeriu Ostalep, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, has had a series of meetings in Rome and Venice. At the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussing with Undersecretary of State A. Mantica, the Moldovan Deputy Minister expressed our interest in the development and the diversification of the co-operation between Moldova and Italy in the political, social, economic, and trade areas. To intensify the relations between Moldova and Italy the parties have underlined the necessity of the organisation of bilateral visits. In this context, it was reiterated the invitation of the Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Stratan, addressed to the Italian Minister Mr Frattini to visit the Republic of Moldova. It was also mentioned the role which will play the visits of the Italy State Secretary for Trade and of an Italian Parliamentarian Delegation that will be to Moldova during this month. Also, Mr Mantica will participate in the Ministerial meeting of the Central European Initiative, which will take place in Chishinau, in November.

Taking into account the important presence of the Moldovan community in Italy, it was agreed upon to extend the juridical bilateral frame of the bilateral relations and to sign Agreements on the Social Security.

The head of the Moldovan Delegation has stressed the interest of our country for the development of an advanced juridical frame between the Republic of Moldova and EU. At the same time, it was exposed the position of the Republic of Moldova on the main interest directions for the development of the relations of Moldova with European Union that would allow to Moldovan citizens to benefit from the free movement and trade with EU. It was requested the Italian MFA support to obtain the negotiation mandate of a new agreement between the Republic of Moldova and EU until the end of the current year, specifying that for the intensification of the cooperation between Moldova and EU the collaboration between the Republic of Moldova and Italy has a special role.

In this respect, it was highly appreciated the document of co-operation within the European Integration area, signed between the leadership of both Foreign Affairs Ministries in January 2008, in Chishinau, and it was underlined the concrete ways of the realisation of the previsions of this document.

In his turn, the Italian official welcomed the continuing efforts of the Moldovan authorities for the promotion of domestic reforms and the realisation of the assumed engagements within the frame of the dialogue between Moldova and EU. Mr Mantica has underlined that the intensification of the bilateral contacts in the latest period, as well as, the opening of the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Chishinau, in the near future, will continue to ensure a permanent dialogue between Moldova and Italy. The Italian official reiterated the availability of his country to support the Republic of Moldova to get closer to EU.

In the context of bilateral issues, the interlocutors have discussed about the opportunity to intensify the co-operation between the Ministries of Internal Affairs of both countries. Mr Ostalep expressed the satisfaction of Moldovan authorities with the practical concrete results of this co-operation. At the same time, the Deputy Minister has underlined the importance of the efficient implementation of the Visa Facilitation Regime between the Republic of Moldova and European Union. In this regard, the Italian Embassy in Chishinau which opening is expected in October will play an important role.

In Venice, Mr Ostalep has discussed with a group of Moldovan citizens about the co-operation of the Moldovan Association in Italy and their communication with the diplomatic and consular missions of the residential country.

At the beginning of 2008, following a meeting in Bologna with the representatives of over 30 similar organizations, it was elaborated an action plan to facilitate the protection of the interests of our citizens in Italy. At the same time, it was also discussed about the intensification of contacts with the authorities of Chishinau, from the perspective of the interest of our country to ensure the necessary support for our citizens who want the launch their own affairs at their return in the country. In order to maintain a permanent dialogue with the Moldovan citizens in this meeting has participated the General Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Bologna.

During the dialogue with a group of Italian businessmen, they have been informed in detail about the investing opportunities in the Republic of Moldova. The businessmen have been invited to participate in the Wine Festival of this autumn.

During the meeting with the representatives of the Municipal Council of Venice, the parties have stressed their intentions to reinforce the bilateral relations, especially the economic and trade components.

Due to the fact that the industrialised Italian North regions practically represent the economic centre of Italy, the Deputy Minister has underlined the necessity for the deepening of the co-operation through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova.