The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

This international forum was established in 1975 as the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE). The CSCE constitution had the objective to overcome the division of Europe after the Second World War and to ensure the security through a forum for dialogue and multilateral negotiations between East and West.

Currently, OSCE ( comprises 57 Participating States, which have equal statuses, and the basic rule in the decision-making process is the consensus. The OSCE mandate includes preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention and crisis management, consolidation of the human rights respect, democracy and rule of law, and promotion of all aspects of the civil society.

The place of the Republic of Moldova in the OSCE framework

On 30 January 1992 the Republic of Moldova joined the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe and on 26 February of the same year signed the Helsinki Final Act. Since its adherence the Republic of Moldova benefited from permanent support from the OSCE, which is the principal international collective actor fully involved in the transnistrian conflict settlement process.

OSCE offers a broad framework for discussions on the transnistrian conflict issue with international partners, and has a rich participation experience in conflicts resolution in the area covered by the Organization. The OSCE has experts in the political-military, economic and human dimension domains, who offer their assistance while working in the OSCE Mission in Moldova or in the OSCE Secretariat subdivisions.

The main directions of cooperation of the Republic of Moldova with OSCE include the following:

  • OSCE, playing the mediator role, contributes essentially to the transnistrian conflict settlement, including by organization of the negotiation process, drafting of documents concerning the military, political issues and others.
  • OSCE informs the international community regarding the developments in the transnistrian conflict settlement process.
  • OSCE assists with the democratization of the Moldova’s civil society and development of the civil society in the transnistrian region.