Opportunities for the business environment

Moldova is a state with European aspirations, geographically located between Romania and Ukraine. Thus, with the accession of Romania to the European Union, Moldova has become the EU's immediate neighbor, while a member of CIS. This circumstance has allowed the country's increasing attractiveness as a trading partner and investment destination for international partners for the following reasons:

  • Moldova is a member of the World Trade Organization. Meanwhile, as CIS member state and signatory of CEFTA, it enjoys Free Trade Agreements with the entire community of CSI and CEFTA states.
  • The introduction, starting from 21 January 2008, of the regime of Autonomous Trade Preferences for Moldova offered by the EU allowed free access of local goods on the European market. This has transformed the European Union as the main commercial partner for Moldova, 51% of Moldovan exports having community destination.
  • On a bilateral level, the country enjoys a series of agreements to avoid double taxation.
  • Under a tax initiative of the Government of Moldova of 1 January 2008, for legal persons it was introduced 0% fee for reinvested profit. The implementation of this reform aims to stimulate investors to reinvest their profits for the growth and expansion of businesses.
  • Today, in Moldova there are 6 free economic zones:
    • Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Expo-Business-Chisinau"
    • Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Tvardita"
    • Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Production Park Taraclia"
    • Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Production Park Otaci-Business”
    • Free Entrepreneurship Zone "Production Park Valcaneş"

All free economic zones were opened in 2006, with the exception of Otaci-Business. In addition to the mentioned free economic zones in the Republic there are two free industrial zones: International Free Port Giurgiulesti and International Free Airport "Mărculeşti".

The International Free Port Giurgiulesti is the only port of Moldova accessible for maritime ships. It is located at km 133.8 of the Danube, in southern Moldova. The port is located on the international routes of trade and transport, including: 1 – the waterway Rhine-Main-Danube, making the connection between the Black Sea, 14 European countries and the North Sea, 2 - the railroad systems, and 3 – the network of land transport consisting of international roads.

The International Free Airport "Mărculeşti" began operations on 5 August 2008. Nowadays it is in the initial stage of development, being open to making investments in development of functional infrastructure. Opening the airport is aimed at accelerating the development of aircraft transport, aviation services, export-oriented industrial production and external commercial affairs.

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