Projects for Moldova

Within the Special Affectation Fund:

Pilot countries Project description Status Contributors Total costs Executive agent
Moldova and The Netherlands 1. Destruction of 11.872 anti-personnel mines, 250 cubic meters of mélange, training Achieved in December 2002 Canada, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States 1.1 million US dollars NAMSA
Belgium and Romania 2. NATO/OSCE/ENVSEC Destruction of pesticides and hazardous chemicals (ref. SFP-981186) Project launched by PMSC on 29.09.2005 Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Milieukontakt (The Netherlands) 841.000 euro NAMSA
PHASE I. Repackaging and centralized storage of 1700 tons of pesticides Achieved
PHASE II. Identifying the chemical composition of pesticides Achieved
  PHASE III. Destruction of pesticides In progress Republic of Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland 2.2 million Euro NAMSA

The Agreement between the Government of Moldova and the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) on the implementation of Phase I of the Project SFP-981186 was signed on 12 May 2006 in Brussels. On 1 September 2006, Moldova has addressed the Alliance the request to extend for a period of 2 years (1 February 2007-31 January 2009) the Phase II of the Project, which involves identification of unknown pesticides. On 7 November 2006 was held the conference to launch the Project, involving the leadership of Moldova and NATO officials. Also, it was held the official opening ceremony of the Laboratory for identification of unknown pesticides, for the creation of which NATO has offered to Moldova a grant of 143 thousand euro.

Phase I of the project being undertaken, at present efforts are being made to mobilize the assistance of member countries to implement the Phase II of the Project.

In the NATO „Science for Peace and Security” Programme:

  1. Nr. SfP - 971918 SfP-Nistru/Prut
    Time monitoring and support for the decision system in case of international waters: Implementation to the Nistru and Prut rivers
  2. Nr. SfP - 974064 (achieved) PfP – Prut River
    Monitoring and evaluation of heavy metal pollution in the Prut river, border water resources
  3. Nr. SfP - 981186
    Laboratory for chemical analysis of pesticides in Moldova
  4. Nr. SfP 980468
    Regional Project on the harmonization of seismic hazard in Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova