The Chairmanship of the Republic of Moldova in GUAM for 2018

Priorities of the Republic of Moldova during the GUAM Chairmanship 2018

  1. To ensure the functioning of the GUAM Free Trade Area, including in the perspective of turning the GUAM into an investment-friendly platform;
  2. Activization of sectoral interactions in key areas such as economy, transport, energy, energy security, tourism, internal affairs, on the basis of the Plan of Actions on Sectoral Cooperation Development;
  3. Capitalization of the existing transport and transit potential of GUAM by boosting the activity of the working group in the field and ensuring the interaction of several structures in the region. Taking necessary actions for the implementation of the Concept of Development of the GUAM Transport Corridor, inter alia, to develop the relevant Plan of actions;
  4. Increasing the quality of cooperation and exchange of information in education, science, research and innovation, including by capitalizing of opportunities offered by the GUAM-Japan, GUAM-USA and GUAM-Visegrad cooperation platforms;
  5. Strengthen the political dialogue by organizing high level meetings (CMFA, CNC, PM, PA GUAM) in Chisinau and promoting the draft collective resolution Frozen conflicts in the GUAM area at the next session of the UN General Assembly;
  6. Strengthening and expanding international cooperation in the GUAM + format, in particular with the EU and the OSCE; Promoting a constructive dialogue with "traditional" partners - the US, Japan and the Visegrad Group;
  7. Reorganizing and streamlining the activity of sectoral cooperation working groups.

Calendar of events (1 January – 31 December 2018)

Meeting of the Heads of Governments of the Member States 15 June – 15 July Chişinău
Annual Meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly September (TBC) Chişinău
Informal Meeting of CMFA GUAM in margins of GA UN September (TBC) New York
The Meeting of CMFA GUAM October (TBC) Chişinău
CMFA GUAM Meeting in the margin of the OSCE Ministerial Council December(TBC) Viena (TBD)
  January-February Kiev
  May-June Kiev
  September Kiev
  November Kiev
  December Kiev
WORKING GROUPS & RELATED BODIES (The Republic of Moldova Chairmanship)
Meeting of the Steering Committee of the GUAM Trade and Transportation Facilitation Project (Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova) Semester II Chișinău


Meeting of the Working sub-group on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration (Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova) Semester II

Semester IV

Meeting of the Working Group on Culture and Tourism, (Tourism Agency of the Republic of Moldova) Semester II

Semester IV

Meeting of the Council of Heads of Consular Services of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, (MFAEI) 15 June – 15 July Chișinău
Business Forum (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova) 15 June – 15 July Chișinău

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