Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy is one of the main components of the foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova, aiming at defending and promoting national economic interests across the country, thus contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of the Republic of Moldova.

Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI), the Economic Diplomacy Service was established, whose mandate is the implementation of economic diplomacy as foreign policy component, and also to ensure the efficient inter-institutional and diplomatic missions cooperation. Contact details:

The mission of the Economic Diplomacy Service is to develop and continuously enhance its efforts to promote the national economic interests of the Republic of Moldova by attracting foreign investment and promoting exports.

The objectives of the Economic Diplomacy Service are:

  • Promoting the economic interests of the Republic of Moldova abroad
  • Attracting foreign investment and new technologies to the national economy.
  • Promoting the economic image favorable to the country
  • Attracting foreign economic assistance
  • Developing collaboration with international economic organizations.
  • Optimizing the cooperation of the MFAEI with the national governmental institutions in order to successfully implement the objectives of the Economic Diplomacy. This includes actions such as:
  • Strengthening the institutional capacities of the MFAEI and Diplomatic Missions based on the principles of professionalism and transparency
  • Extending the presence of trade offices (commercial bureau) within the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Moldova
  • Optimizing the external economic action through the creation of all the necessary mechanisms and instruments to promote our country's economy abroad
  • Promoting Economic Diplomacy with Honorary Consuls of the Republic of Moldova Abroad.

The objectives are elaborated taking into account the provisions of the Moldovan normative acts as well as the international practices, including: Government Programs, Export Promotion and Investment Promotion Strategy, EU-Moldova Association Agreement, other decisions, provisions and indications.

The economic diplomacy is a relatively young component of the foreign policy; however there are some major accomplishments that are to be mentioned, such as:

  • Following the signing of the Joint Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration – Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure Order (No.26 of 23.02.17 and no.144-b-12 of 20.02.17), a Joint Working Group has been created, which meets systematically and which among the results achieved, has also reviewed the geographical distribution of the trade/commercial bureau (CB) within the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad. In addition to the 12 existing CB (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania, China, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Turkey and United Arab Emirates), the Government intends to continue the practice and institute trade bureaus in other countries, which have also become target markets for exporters, and for attracting foreign direct investments in Moldova.
  • With a view to optimizing and streamlining the activity of CB, a Guide for the commercial attaché was developed and launched, as well as an operational network ( a source of an effective informational support for diplomatic missions and consular offices (MDOC).
  • Another important evolution is the practice of organizing on annual basis, as a result of signing a Memorandum between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration – Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and Agency of Investments, courses and training programs in the field of economic diplomacy for the representatives of the diplomatic corps of the Republic of Moldova abroad. The first and second edition of the courses took place in September 2017 and July 2018.

Legal Framework

  • The Republic of Moldova’s legal framework

    - GD no. 511 of 25.04.2016 "On the approval of the National Strategy for Investments Attraction in Export Promotion and Promotion for 2016-2020" (SNAIPE);;

    - Common Order no. 144-b-12 of February 20, 2017 regarding the achievement of the priorities of the economic diplomacy, optimization and efficiency of the commercial-economic offices (departments) in the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad, as well as their interaction with the public authorities;;

    - The Regulation of the International Economic Relations Division;;

    - Economic Attaché Guide of the Republic of Moldova 2018;;

  • International legal framework

    - World Trade organization jurisprudence;