The Wider Black Sea Region

After the declaration of the independence of the Republic of Moldova, our country is participating actively in the activities of the international organizations from the wider Black Sea Region.

The objectives of our state where and remain to be the economic development, trade, transport and energy cooperation within the organizations from this region, that manifests through elaboration and implementation of the projects from the mentioned spheres of cooperation.

In the Wider Black Sea Region the Republic of Moldova cooperates actively with the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia (TRACECA) and Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM (ODED – GUAM).

BSEC initially was a Black Sea Economic Cooperation Initiative that was officially launched by signing the Istanbul Declaration on 25 June 1992.

The Republic of Moldova is one of the 11 founder states of this initiative next to the Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, Hellenic Republic, Romania, Turkish Republic, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia.

In 1999 was officially founded the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation by signing of the Organization’s Charta by those 11 states.

Is important to mention that BSEC obtained Observer Status to the United Nations in the same year of its foundation (UN Resolution no. 54/5 from 8 October 1999).

TRACECA was founded on 3 May 1993 by 8 states (Republic of Kazahstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Tadjikistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia) within the Brussels Conference. The TRACECA Members are cooperation in order to consolidate the trade and transport within the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corridor and its endorsement to the Trans European Network (TENs).

In 1996 Ukraine and Mongolia joined TRACECA and later the Republic of Moldova and within the Tashkent Conference on 24-25 April 2002 the Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkish Republic joined the TRACECA family.

From its establishment TRACECA aims at improvements in trade and transport along the Europe - Caucasus - Asia Corridor through:

  • Stimulating the co-operation among the participating states for trade development in the region;
  •  Promoting optimal integration of the international transport corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia "TRACECA" into Trans-European Networks (TENs);
  •  Identifying factors hindering the development of trade and transport systems;
  •  Promoting TRACECA projects as means to attract loans from IFIs and private investors.

Today, TRACECA is also an Intergovernmental Commission with an UN-registered Basic Multilateral Agreement (MLA) on International Transport for Development of the Europe – Caucasus - Asia Corridor signed in 1998 at Baku Summit and presently ratified by 12 Nations aimed at:

  • development of economic relations, trade and transport communications in the regions of Europe, Black Sea area, Caucasus, Caspian Sea region and Asia;
  • facilitation of access to the international market of road, air and railway transport and also commercial maritime navigation;
  • promotion of international transport of goods and passengers and international transport of hydrocarbons;
  • ensuring of traffic safety, security of goods and environment protection;
  • creation of equal conditions of competition between different types of transport.

The Republic of Moldova considers important the cooperation within TRACECA and benefits from some investment projects: international road transport and transit contributions; transport prognosis; the cross-border procedures harmonization; the single policy of the transit fees and taxes; the technical and economical arguments for the road and railroad border crossing points between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine; common legal base for the transit transport; trade consolidation and institutional support and many other.

GUAM initially was established as a Consultative Forum created by 4 states (Georgia, Ukraine, Republic of Azerbaijan and Republic of Moldova). The Presidents of the mentioned countries have adopted a Communiqué in this sense on 10th of October 1997.

GUAM as Organization for Democracy and Economic Development was established within the GUAM Summit in Kiev on 23 May 2006.

The Republic of Moldova has the following priorities within ODED – GUAM: economic development; energy security cooperation; infrastructure and transport cooperation; unresolved conflicts in the GUAM region; combating terrorism, organised crime and other crimes.

The Regional Cooperation within the Wider Black Sea Region constitutes one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the republic of Moldova. The Actors from the Wider Black Sea Region (Russian Federation, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Kazahstan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Hellenic Republic and Ukraine) are playing an important role in the world economic policies building. The cooperation with these states has a positive aspect for the Republic of Moldova concerning multilateral and bilateral relations.