Visas to Moldova

Types of visa

The visa can be issued for a single travel (entry) or for multiple travels. The visa cannot be issued for a group of persons.

The Moldovan consular authorities issue the following types of visas, depending on the purposes of stay:

Type „A” Visa – airport transit visa which allows to the foreign citizens to transit the international zone of the airport of the Republic of Moldova, without enter the territory of state at a stopover or a transfer between two sections of an international flight. Airport transit visa is a mandatory requirement for the nationals of the countries which need a visa to entry the Republic of Moldova.

Type “B” Visa – transit visa is issued to the foreign nationals who pass the territory of the Republic of Moldova on their own way to a third state, for the validity period of visa for the foreign destination. As appropriate, transit visa could be issued for no longer than a year.

A person in transit status is allowed to remain in the Republic of Moldova up to 5 days. Transit visa is a multiple-entry visa.

Type “C” Visa – short term visa is issued for a fixed period of time not exceeding 90 days per period of 180 days. Short term visa is issued for the following purposes:

  1. official delegations – representatives of the governments, public administrations or international organizations;
  2. tourism – foreigners having tourism as purpose of journey;
  3. visit – foreigners intending to visit Moldovan citizens or for holders of valid permanent residence card;
  4. business – foreign citizens visiting Republic of Moldova for economic and trade goals, having agreements or negotiations or for checking out of the usefulness of their goods bought or sold through trade agreements framework and industrial cooperation, for foreign national which are going to become partners or Moldovan company shareholders.
  5. transport – is issued for foreign citizens who are going to travel for a short time, having a professional activity related to freight or passenger transport to Republic of Moldova.
  6. Sports – is issued for a fixed period of time for foreign citizens who travel to Republic of Moldova, having sports activities purpose of journey.
  7. Cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and religious and health activities – for short term stay.

Type “D” Visa – is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months, with a stay up to 90 days during six months from the first entry. This type of visa allows the right to submit for a permanent residence permit. Long term visa is a multiple-entry visa. Purpose of issue: entrepreneurship, work, study, family reunion, cultural and religious activities, diplomatic and official activities and medical treatment.

The validity of the visa and the period of stay

The length of the stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova on the basis of a visa cannot exceed 90 days during 6 months.

A foreign citizen who holds a visa for a single travel may enter one time the territory of the Republic of Moldova, may stay in the country during the period indicated in the visa and than leave the Republic of Moldova.

A foreign citizen who holds a visa for multiple travels may enter the country more times during the period of visa validity, may stay in the country every time not more than 90 days and then leave the Republic of Moldova.

If a visa is not used during its validity, it cannot be extended. In such cases the consular fees are not refunded and a new visa shall be obtained.