Visas to Moldova

The fees for visas

The consular fee for a visa depends on the length of its issuance, the purpose of the travel.
The fee is established in accordance with the Law no. 242 of September 24, 2010, concerning the consular fees.

The consular fees for the visas issuance in Euros or in currency of the country of residence.

No. Type of Visa Fee (euros)
1. Type “A” Visa – airport transit 20
2. Type “B” Visa – transit visa 40
3. Type “C” Visa – short term visa 40
4. Type “D” Visa – long term visa 40

The free visas are issued to:

  • the officers of the international organizations the Republic of Moldova has adhered to, and the family members thereof;
  • the children under-18s;
  • the members of foreign diplomatic and consular missions and the family members thereof  (on the base of reciprocity);
  • the members of foreign government or parliament delegations and other officially invited persons, as well as the family members thereof;
  • the Honorary Consuls of the Republic of Moldova and the family members thereof (husbands/wives and children under 18s);
  • the holders of diplomatic passports;
  • the persons originating from the Republic of Moldova.