Visas to Moldova

Foreign citizens who don’t need visa for entry on the territory of the Republic of Moldova

I. The citizens of the following states, the holders of all the types of passports, do not need visas for the entry on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a period of stay until 90 days, during six months from the moment of the first entry:

  1. Republic of Albania
  2. Republic of Austria
  3. Kingdom of Belgium
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Republic of Bulgaria
  6. Republic of Cyprus
  7. Kingdom of Denmark
  8. Republic of Estonia
  9. Republic of Finland
  10. Republic of France
  11. Federal Republic of Germany
  12. Hellenic Republic
  13. Ireland
  14. Republic of Italy
  15. Republic Latvia
  16. Republic Lithuania
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Republic of Macedonia
  19. Montenegro
  20. Republic of Malta
  21. Republic of Poland
  22. Portuguese Republic
  23. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  24. Czech Republic
  25. Romania
  26. Republic of Serbia (biometric passport holders only)
  27. Slovak Republic
  28. Republic of Slovenia
  29. Kingdom of Sweden
  30. Kingdom of Nederland’s
  31. Hungary
  32. Principality of Andorra
  33. Kingdom of Spain
  34. Republic of Croatia
  35. Republic of Azerbaijan
  36. Canada
  1. Swiss Confederation
  2. United States of America
  3. Principality of Liechtenstein
  4. Kingdom of Norway
  5. Island
  6. Principality of Monaco
  7. Japan
  8. Holly See
  9. State of Israel
  10. Republic of Armenia
  11. Republic of Belarus
  12. Republic of Kazakhstan
  13. Republic of Kyrgyzstan
  14. Georgia
  15. Ukraine
  16. Russian Federation
  17. Republic of Tajikistan
  18. Republic of Turkey
  19. Republic of Uzbekistan
  20. Commonwealth of Australia
  21. Commonwealth of the Bahamas
  22. Barbados
  23. Republic of Chile
  24. Republic of Korea
  25. Republic of Ecuador
  26. Malaysia
  27. New Zealand
  28. Most Serene Republic of San Marino
  29. Republic of Seychelles
  30. Republic of Singapore
  31. holders of travel documents of Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR
  32. United Arab Emirates

II. The holders of the diplomatic and service passports, who are citizens of the following states do not need visas for the entry on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for the period up to 90 days during 6 months.

  1. Peru
  2. Brazil
  3. South Koreea
  4. Vietnam
  5. Qatar

III. List of foreigners who are obliged to possess a visa for Republic of Moldova


  1. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  2. People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  3. Republic of Angola
  4. Antigua and Barbuda
  5. Argentine Republic
  6. Kingdom of Bahrain
  7. People's Republic of Bangladesh
  8. Belize
  9. Republic of Benin
  10. Kingdom of Bhutan
  11. Plurinational State of Bolivia
  12. Republic of Botswana
  13. Federative Republic of Brazil*
  14. Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace
  15. Burkina Faso
  16. Burma/Myanmar
  17. Republic of Burundi
  18. Kingdom of Cambodia
  19. Republic of Cameroon
  20. Republic of Cape Verde
  21. Central African Republic
  22. Republic of Chad
  23. People's Republic of China* **
  24. Republic of Colombia
  25. The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  26. Republic of the Congo
  27. Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
  28. Republic of Costa Rica
  29. Republic of Cuba
  30. Republic of Djibouti
  31. Commonwealth of Dominica
  32. The Dominican Republic
  33. Arab Republic of Egypt
  34. Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  35. State of Eritrea
  36. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  37. Republic of Fiji
  38. The Gabonese Republic
  39. Republic of the Gambia
  40. Republic of Ghana
  41. Grenada
  42. Republic of Guatemala
  43. Republic of Guinea
  44. Republic of Guinea-Bissau
  45. Co-operative Republic of Guyana
  46. Republic of Haiti
  47. Republic of Honduras
  48. Republic of India
  49. Republic of Indonesia*
  50. Islamic Republic of Iran*
  51. Republic of Iraq
  52. Jamaica
  53. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  54. Republic of Kenya
  55. Republic of Kiribati
  56. Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  57. State of Kuwait**
  58. Lao People's Democratic Republic
  59. Lebanese Republic
  60. Kingdom of Lesotho
  61. Republic of Liberia
  62. Libya
  1. Republic of Madagascar
  2. Republic of Malawi
  3. Republic of Maldives
  4. Republic of Mali
  5. Republic of the Marshall Islands
  6. Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  7. Republic of Mauritius
  8. United Mexican States
  9. Federated States of Micronesia
  10. Mongolia
  11. Kingdom of Morocco
  12. Republic of Mozambique
  13. Republic of Namibia
  14. Republic of Nauru
  15. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  16. Republic of Nicaragua
  17. Republic of Niger
  18. Federal Republic of Nigeria
  19. Sultanate of Oman
  20. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  21. Republic of Palau
  22. Republic of Panama
  23. Independent State of Papua New Guinea
  24. Republic of Paraguay
  25. Republic of Peru *
  26. Republic of the Philippines
  27. State of Qatar* **
  28. Republic of Rwanda
  29. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
  30. Saint Lucia
  31. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  32. Republic of El Salvador
  33. Independent State of Samoa
  34. Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
  35. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  36. Republic of Senegal
  37. Republic of Sierra Leone
  38. Solomon Islands
  39. Federal Republic of Somalia
  40. Republic of South Africa
  41. The Republic of South Sudan
  42. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  43. Republic of the Sudan
  44. Republic of Suriname
  45. Kingdom of Swaziland
  46. Syrian Arab Republic
  47. United Republic of Tanzania
  48. Kingdom of Thailand
  49. Union of the Comoros
  50. Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
  51. Togolese Republic
  52. Kingdom of Tonga
  53. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  54. Republic of Tunisia
  55. Turkmenistan*
  56. Tuvalu
  57. Republic of Uganda
  58. Oriental Republic of Uruguay
  59. Republic of Vanuatu
  60. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  61. Socialist Republic of Vietnam*
  62. Republic of Yemen
  63. Republic of Zambia
  64. Republic of Zimbabwe


State of Palestine

* With the exception of diplomatic, service and special passport holders, depending on the case, who, at the moment of the adoption of the present Law, were traveling to the Republic of Moldova without a visa on the basis of international treaties to which Moldova is a part of.

**With the exception of the holders of a valid residence permit or visa (except for a transit visa) issued by one of the Member States of the European Union or one of the Contracting Parties to the Schengen Agreement, who may travel to the Republic of Moldova during their period of validity.

IV. The holders of the diplomatic and service passports, who are citizens of the following states do not need visas for the entry on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for the period up to 30 days:

  1. Popular Republic of China
  2. Islamic Republic of Iran
  3. Turkmenistan

V. The holders of the UN Laissez-Passer passports issued by the UN and its specialized agencies do not need visas for the entry on and exit from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

VI. The staff of the diplomatic and consular missions accredited to the Republic of Moldova and the family members thereof, the staff of the permanent missions and the representative offices of the international organizations situated in the Republic of Moldova and the family members thereof, foreign mass-media representatives accredited to the Republic of Moldova and that hold the accreditation cards issued by the MFA, are entitled to enter and leave the territory of the Republic of Moldova without holding a visa during the whole validity period of the accreditation card.

VII. The following categories of citizens of Turkmenistan do not need a visa for entry on the territory of the Republic of Moldova:

  • members of the aircraft crew of the civil aviation, holders of national valid passports, having the required inscription into the general statement (air mission);
  • members of the crew of the river and maritime ships, holders of valid sailor passports and having the required inscription into the logbook or an extract of it;
  • railway members, members of train, refrigerator and locomotive crews in international trains, holders of national valid passports, having the nominal lists, roadmaps, approved for each route;
  • special couriers, which facilitate the intergovernmental communication, holders of the national valid passports and having the required documents, issued by the competent authorities of the Parts.

The foreign citizens who are not indicated above can enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova on the basis of a valid visa.