Council of Europe

The Council of Europe (CoE), having its official residence in Strasbourg (France), was established in 1949 and is the dean of age among the political organizations on the continent:

  • currently includes 47 Member States,  
  • has granted observer status to 5 countries (the Holy See, the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico),
  • is a distinct organization from the 27-nation European Union, but no country has ever joined the EU without first belonging to the Council of Europe.

The aim of the Council of Europe consists in creating a common democratic and legal space throughout the European continent, ensuring compliance with the fundamental values: human rights, democracy and the rule of law. These values constitute the foundation of a civilized and tolerant society and are indispensable for European stability, economic growth and social cohesion.

Basing on these important pillars, the Council of Europe has proposed the identification of common solutions for the major problems facing society, such as terrorism, organized crime and corruption, cyber crime, bioethics and cloning, violence against children and women, traffic of human beings. Therefore, the cooperation between the Member States is the only way to solve these problems.

The Representation of Moldova to the Council of Europe

Permanent Representative - Address: Spach Alley 16, 67000 Strasbourg, France
Tel.: (+33388) 36-55-64
Fax: (+33388) 36-48-96