General Information

The Republic of Moldova joined the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) on May 4th 2006, within the High Level SEECP Summit from Thessaloniki (Greece). On october 10 2006, the Republic of Moldova has signed the Charter on Good Naighborly relations, Stability, Security and Cooperation in South Eastern Europe, becoming de jure full fledged member to the SEECP. The accesion to the SEECP gives the Republic of Moldova not only geographically the member status, but the political as well of the South Eastern Europe and represents a qualitative advancement on the path of European Integration, the Thessaloniki Declaration being a decisive factor concerning the active participation and implication of the Republic Moldova in the regional proceses and initiatives in South Eastern Europe.

The Stability Pact in South Eastern Europe is reorganizing with the establishment in february 2008 of the Regional Cooperation Council that will consolidate all the processes and initiatives from South Eastern Europe, SEECP being the supreme political forum.

SEECP Member States

  • Albania Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Greece Greece
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Romania Romania
  • Serbia Serbia
  • Turkey Turkey